50 Halloween Business Ideas to build a profitable brand

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Halloween is big business, with total spending expected to reach a record $12.2 billion in 2023 according to the National Retail Federation, setting an all-time spending record for the October holiday.

As one of the most popular and commercially successful holidays in the United States, Halloween presents a range of money-making opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In fact, over the past five years, Google searches for “Halloween business ideas” have increased by 50%. With projections of over 65% of Americans planning to celebrate Halloween this year, now is the perfect time to tap into this lucrative market.

From haunted houses to costume shops, pumpkin patches to party planning, the possibilities for launching a Halloween-themed venture are endless.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 50 diverse huge money-making Halloween business ideas and concepts to inspire your inner entrepreneur and build a profitable Halloween Business.

Drawing on data and trends from industry research firms like the NRF, we’ll break down feasible options for products, services, and events, and provide key information and actionable business ideas for Halloween to help you capitalize on Halloween’s spooky season this October.

Whether you’re looking to generate extra income or build a full-time brand new business, read on for a comprehensive guide to cashing in on All Hallows’ Eve.


50 Halloween Business Ideas

Some Highly Profitable Halloween Business Ideas Include:

1. Start a holiday and event-organizing business

2. Sell or rent costumes.

3. Start a Halloween-themed YouTube Channel

4. Sell decorations and props.

5. Start a Gift Store

6. Offer face or body painting services.

7. Start a Halloween Themed Print On Demand Online Business

8. Start a scavenger hunt business

9. Start Halloween deals and discounts offering business

10. Start a Pumpkin store business

11. Host Pumpkin-carving online classes

12. Start a candy store.

13. Start a greetings card Business

14. Start Haunted Historic Tour Business

15. Host Halloween story podcasts.

16. Write and Sell Halloween-themed Books For Kids And Adults

17. Open a spooky haunted house or a Hotel.

18. Create Halloween escape rooms.

19. Start a Pumpkin-carving contest business

20. Set up virtual events and organize competitions.

21. Produce Halloween Inspired Movies or Short Films

22. Start a food truck.

23. Provide pet costumes.

24. Start a Halloween retail shop business

25. Curate eerie music playlists.

26. Host outdoor horror movie screenings at night

27. Create themed photo booths.

28. Launch social media marketing services.

29. Start a virtual reality experience.

30. Create spooky crafts kits.

31. Sell Halloween-themed candles.

32. Host haunted nightclub events.

33. Sell party supplies.

34. Rent party buses.

35. Provide post-party cleanup.

36. Offer DJ and lighting equipment rentals.

37. Provide themed entertainment.

38. Start a Custom Halloween Costume Design Business

39. Start a Halloween Tattoo Parlor Business

40. Start a Witchcraft and Spell Supplies Shop

41. Open a Halloween-themed Restaurant

42. Start a Haunted Art Gallery Business

43. Open a Halloween Jewelry Store

44. Provide Psychic Medium Services

45. Start a party game supplies business

46. Sell Holiday Activities Supplies

47. Create DIY Halloween advent calendars.

48. Offer custom-carved Halloween pumpkins.

49. Develop Halloween-themed scavenger hunt apps or Halloween-inspired Games.

50. Provide zombie chase experience events.


Final Thoughts:

Halloween presents a wealth of opportunities for creative and enterprising individuals.

By considering your skills, interests, and target market, you can develop a business that allows you to profit from this popular holiday.

With a bit of strategic planning and passion, a Halloween-based business can provide income as well as enjoyment.

We hope this list of 50 Halloween business ideas has sparked inspiration for your own frighteningly fun commercial venture. Wishing you the best of luck in pursuing your Halloween business goals!


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